Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Seven Years!!

I can hardly believe it has been seven years since Leila was placed in my arms!! Oh what a treasure she is!! She has grown a lot lately. She will be starting the third grade this year and oh how this girl loves to read!! She will spend hours in her daddy's big chair reading.

Happy 7 year Gotcha Day Leila! We love you so much!!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Three Months

It has been three months with Ruiby and Jet!! They are really starting to bloom!!

Sprinkler Fun!! They both love the water!!

My Nutella boy!! I can't turn my back for a moment!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Our Little Man

This post is long over due! But this mama got the stomach flu and didn't get it done on time.

Jet has been with us two months now!! I remember as the months went by and we waited to bring our boy home,  we would once in awhile get an updated picture of our boy. I noticed one thing, there was never a smile on his face. I longed for the day when I would see that smile! Well let me tell you, we see that smile all day long!! from the moment he wakes in the morning he has a smile on his face and we will see it all through the day and as he snuggles up to me at bedtime, he will turn his little head up at me and give me that quick little smile and then hide his face. It is a beautiful thing!! This little broken boy has come so far in two month!!


Thursday, May 8, 2014


Happy 4 year Gotcha Day Lottie my girl!! Four years ago she walked into our lives and oh how we have been blessed!! This girl is so full of life and love!! She has come a long way in the last four years! We are reliving those first few months with her again with our two new little ones. She is a bright spot in our home, always smiling, laughing and playing some kind of trick. Loves to play her favorite bird game, that no one can seem to beet her at and would spend all day outside if she could. She loves to go to work with daddy or grandpa and loves to play in the dirt! Oh what an amazing little treasure she is!! We love you Lottie Mei!!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Two Months With Ruiby!

Our Beautiful Girl!!
A Treasure!!
A Blessing!
"Every Good and Perfect Gift Is From Above!"
Thank you Lord for this perfect gift!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Our Little Man

Tomorrow marks the day that Jet has been with us one month. I can not believe how the time has flown  by. What can I say about this sweet boy of ours? He came into our lives unable to do so many things. He will be 2 1/2 next month and he hadn't started walking, but by the second day we had him,  he started to get brave and take a few steps. Now, he is trying to run!  He spent 28 months with out a family and it was hard on his little heart and mind. No longer will he have to rock himself or sing to himself. Oh no, this sweet boy has a family who adores and loves him. He has a mommy and daddy who love him oh so much, two big brothers who fly him around the room and four sisters that kiss his sweet checks every chance they get. We have seen huge things from this boy, but know he has so much further yet to go. He is like a butterfly wiggling in his cocoon and I can not wait to see him bush through, spread his wings to dry and fly!

We love you Jethro!!

My boy and his thumb!!

Thursday, April 3, 2014


Ruiby has been with us one month today! Our girl is so sweet and so smart. She is learning so quickly. She continues to be her giggly, happy self. She is making good progress with bonding. We love this little girl so very much! We are so blessed to have this little treasure in our lives!

Since we did not have a very good Internet  connection in her province and pictures did not want to come through. I wanted to add some of her GOTCHA DAY pictures here today , with some pictures that were taken this week.

We love you Ruiby!!

Seeing our girl for the first time!!

Finally in mama's arms!

In Daddy's arms!

My sweet girl!

Hi Big Sister!

Ruiby telling us all our names in the pictures of our family that we sent to her.
It's official Ruiby HuanRui Tall!
One Month Later!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Home One Week

We have been home one week now and it has been a hard one! Both children had doctor appointments, blood draws and shots. Lots of tears! Jet had to go to the ER as he had a bad case of croup. On top of jet leg and just trying to find our new norm. I am glad to have this first week behind us. There were some beautiful things about this first week though. Jet leaned in and gave both me and daddy our first kiss!! Ruiby learned to sign more and now says "all done". Her smile lights up a room! And we get lots of kisses form her daily! They love to swing! (thanks aunt Jene for letting us have one of yours) I feel tired, but so blessed! Looking forward to seeing what this week holds for us and what knew things these little treasures learn this week. Love to All!!

Monday, March 24, 2014


There is nothing like coming home!! I could not stop the tears as we landed in Seattle!! It felt so good!! The kids did great. We had to leave our hotel at 5:00 am, so we were up very early. Our first flight left at 8:40 am to Be*jing. After some crying getting on the plane by both children they settled in and took a good sleep. After landing, we then had to get our luggage and recheck it and go through multiple security checks where both children did a lot of screaming and crying. Isabelle and I were so glad to be done with that part of our trip. We sat at Starbucks for the next few hours waiting for our 4:25 pm flight to Seattle. Since we had already gone through security we thought we could fill the babies bottles, WRONG! we had to go through another security at the gate where they made me dump the contents of their bottles. That went over real well! I was so glad when the ladies came by with beverages on the plane and we could refill their bottles!! Both of the kids did really well on the flight home. Ruiby fell asleep around 7:30 and Jet around 8:00. They both almost slept the rest of the flight. Ruiby woke with about an hour and a half left and fussed and cried a little about her shunt hurting. Jet woke with about a half hour left in the flight and did great until we started making our decent and he started crying. Then Izzy and I were stuck in customs, immigrations and baggage claim for a very long time. As there were 6 other international flights that landed around the same time. We finally saw Sam and Dakota's beautiful faces about three hours after we landed. There are no words that can describe the feeling I had as I spied their faces in the big crowd of people looking down from the top of the escalator. Pure JOY!!! I don't remember much of the trip home other then the kids not liking their car seats. I was so tired and just could not keep my eyes open any longer. We were so happy to see the rest of our family as we arrived home that evening. Three weeks is a long time to be away from the ones you love!!

James 1:17 says " Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above." These two beautiful babies are a very perfect gift from above and we can not be more thankful that we were chosen to be their forever  family!!

Thank you for your prayers and love!!
 First taste of whip cream!! From Izzy's birthday!

 First four wheeler ride with daddy!

First Wagon ride!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Coming Home!!!

Last post from Ch*na!!!
We are packing up one last time! My emotions are all over the place. I am so blessed and grateful for this place that has blessed us four times with beautiful gifts and treasures in our 3 daughters and one son, I have enjoyed the sights and experience once again, but my heart is longing for HOME!! My heart is heavy for the little faces that are etched in my memory, the ones left behind. My life will never be the same again! As long as I have a voice I will always speak for those children!! Our life before we left home will not be the same when we come home, instead it will be richer and fuller, it will have its ups and downs, it will be full of laughter and tears. I am so glad we said YES to God!! Has it been easy? NO, it has been very hard. But, God never promised easy,  He promised He would never leave us or forsake us and I know that to be a fact! So as Izzy and I get ready for our last leg of this amazing journey I know that God will be walking with us. Thank you for your prayers! We have felt them over and over again! Thank you to those who have loving cared for my family at home!! It means to much to me and thank you God for these two amazing little children whom I love so much! They have come a long way in just a short amount of time and I can not wait to see them burst into full bloom!
Next post from HOME!!



Tuesday, March 18, 2014

3 More Days!

Hi all, we are down to three days here!!! Yay!!
Yesterday we visited the zoo. It was fun to get some exercise and see the animals.
Also yesterday Ruiby went to see a doctor about the abscess she has on her ear and he thought it could wait until we got home. He is a little concerned about the fluid on her brain and the long flight home. We could really use all our prayer warrior praying that our flight home will go well for her.
Today we went to the Five Ram Statue which is the Guangzhou city symbol. It was fun seeing all the people out exercising. We also went to my old stomping grounds Shamian Island where I have stayed the other times we have adopted. So nice to be back on the island and visit all the shops.
Tomorrow is oath and US visa day!!
Enjoy the pictures from the last two days!

                                                                            Our group

                                                                               Jet copying Izzy