Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Ruiby's Forever Family Day

How can it be one year already that our girl walked into our lives. We are so blessed to be her family!! She came to us with no tears, saying mama, baba and big sister. She never looked back. She has had moments of grieving, but she had been very prepared for us her family. She has grown over three inches and gained 6 pounds, she speaks sentences in English, she can count to ten, knows her colors and most of her ABC's. She is a happy girl, with a stubborn streak. She laughs all the time. She loves to play tricks, snuggle and give butterfly kisses. I love to listen to her sing Jesus Loves Me. She loves her family and we love her!! I pray her birth mommy has peace tonight that her baby is happy and well. She gave her girl life and then gave her girl life again by giving her up, so she could have the life saving surgery she so desperately needed. I can not imagine the pain and sorrow she felt and probably still feels. Even though this was not God's plan for our girl, He can take aches and turn them into beauty! We are honored that God chose us to be part of that beauty.

 One Year ago!! Our first moment together.

 Look how much she has grown!!

 We Love you sweet girl!!

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